More issues with the new Email Builder

Hi there,

I got the note that the legacy email builder is being phased out, but there are still a few key issues we have with the new one that makes us hesitant to start using it.

  1. Sending a test email doesn’t use the chosen sender name and email. I’ve been told that the actual send will have this information correct, but I’m uncomfortable sending something without an accurate test review. (Reported this months ago in multiple channels)

  2. The preview of my emails isn’t showing all the formatting, particularly spacing. The test did reflect proper spacing.

  3. I can’t seem to get the Images to show my previous uploads. It just starts freaking out when I go to “More Images” and select “Uploads.” We have lots that we regularly reuse, and I hope we don’t have to re-upload them all.

Thanks in advance for any insights.