How do I set up a survey on infusionsoft?

Hi, I am new to Infusionsoft. How do I set up a survey in Infusionsoft? I would like the survey to be a link button that I’m sending out in an Infusionsoft email. Many thanks.

If using IS strictly you would setup a webform in campaign builder that you could give the link to in emails with.

Thanks John. I’ll look at that. Quite new to Infusionsoft so am feeling my way around!

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Hi Fiona, yes, for a survey you’d want to use an Infusionsoft web form, or a landing page.

Both of those options are available through the campaign builder. And you can use them to collect details about your prospects and customers.

Here are some instructions on building a web form:

And here are some details for landing pages:

Regardless of which you choose, you’ll have a “hosted link” that you can use for people to click in the email you send them.

Good luck!


Thank you Greg.

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