Survey form template

Is there a survey form template available in IS?

Hey Alan:

There isn’t a survey, specifically, but you could use either a Web Form or a Landing Page to collect any data that you need.

With both, you can include a combination of true fields, or ‘virtual fields’ (and you can have the answers from those fields apply tags that will help you identify the answers).

I hope that helps.



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Is there a video you can point me to about this?

here is the Infusionsoft help page on how to create a Web Form.
For the survey answers that are not tied directly to an actual Infusionsoft field, you would simply use the ‘apply a tag’ feature from within the form.

*Sorry … running out the door, so this is quick, but reply if you need more help.


Jeff has some good suggestions. There are also ways to use WP pages on your business site with various plugins to create surveys or something like survey monkey which integrate with Keap.