Survey Tutorial Please

I am at a crossroads where I will either continue with my initial business idea, or change course onto something different.
Currently I am developing a “Should I or Shouldn’t I” video to share with my Facebook pages, Linkedin Twitter and Blog.
I need a survey that will pose three questions.

  1. Is this a terrible idea? I should get out now and do something more productive.
    And why is that?
  2. It’s a great idea, launch as soon as possible.
    And why is that?
  3. Not bad, but may be better suited for something else.
    Why and what would that be?
    The bribe will be a no opt-in report on the subject I am covering (Disaster/Emergency Management).
    Finish the survey and go straight to a download page for the report.
    If you want more information, possible consultation, opt-in information will be required.
    My searches for surveys have brought up multiple references to Web Forms and Landing pages. But no tutorial on how to actually create a survey in Infusionsoft.
    Am I missing something?
    Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. I need to have this up and running ASAP and I would rather not use SurveyMonkey.
    Thank you for your consideration.

You can make a series of questions on an Infusionsoft using custom fields that would allow you to add them onto a landing page.

The only caveat on this is the fact you can’t have questions appear (And why is that?) based on prior answers so you can’t ‘force’ people to answer those parts.

All of what you want to do other than that is very do-able.