How can I stop a campaign for a single customer if they click my link?

I have a campaign that is 5 emails long. Once a customer clicks on the link in my email I want the campaign to stop for them. How do I set that up? I tried to use a chat agent but he wasn’t helpful. This is going out to current customers.

For example: If a customer clicks my link in the 3rd email I don’t want him to receive the 4th or 5th.

Currently, this is what my campaign looks like.

If they click a link then raise an ‘exit tag’ that you can put at the end of your sequence to pull them out with.

Thank you!

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Hey @Fiber_Net - here’s an article that might help with this (or for anyone else reading this in the future): Single Sequence Opt-Out - Monkeypod Marketing


Yup, this ^^^^^^

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