Enabling the use of two credit cards to pay for an order

Is there a way to charge two credit cards for an order? Ryan on Live Chat suggested duplicate orders with each paid by a different credit card. Then, he suggested I come here.

Any thoughts? THANK YOU!

Is this for a subscription or a product? Are you looking for an automated way to allow this on a regular basis? Or are you looking for a one-time solution? I don’t know of any automated way to do this, but as a one-time solution you can use multiple cards within one order. If this is for a subscription, the only way I know of is to create two subscriptions, each charging half of the desired fee and auto billing different cards. We’ve had to do this a few times over the years for a few clients. It’s not a normal request, so we’ve never attempted to automate it. It’s a bit of extra work on the setup, but then it runs just fine each month, so it’s not a big deal.

Thank you! What about allowing customers to pay a deposit with one of their cards and send an invoice for the rest? Could they use a 2nd card to pay the balance. We’re a boat club in FL so members wouldn’t gain access to the boats until the bill was paid. Do you think that would work?

Absolutely, if you have the payable invoices turned on, they will add the card they want to use for the balance on when they click the button in the email.

Thank you!

Keith Marsh | Director of Marketing
Freedom Boat Club of Tampa Bay

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