Collecting Outstanding Payments

We are trying to clean up our outstanding payments and would like to send out an email that contains a way for the contact to pay for their order without creating a new order or collecting their payment information and charging them manually and then updating the old order as paid. Any suggestions? The support person I chatted with pretty much told me it was impossible to collect payment without doing it manually, but I find that very hard to believe.

Open the order that has an existing balance, and at the bottom of that order record you should be able to click “Send Invoice”, and as you send the invoice, you can select the option to “Allow Payment”.

This sends them a clickable version of the invoice that they can use to apply a direct payment.

Another option, if you have a membership area, would be to direct them to an “accounts” page in that membership area where they can view and pay outstanding invoices. I use AccessAlly for this, but I know there are a handful of membership options that support it as well.