Manually send a collection of invoices?

Our company has a policy of sending monthly invoices in advance, then collecting payment. It may be old fashioned, I know, but that’s the way it is :wink:

We use the E-Commerce-Reports-Receivables view to bring up a list of all the outstanding accounts and amounts. Clicking on the sale link for each entry brings up the invoice we want to send; clicking on the appropriate link in the invoice sends it.

That’s fine, but very tedious for more than a few accounts. Is there a way, perhaps, to create an Action in the actions drop down for that screen that would send the invoices for a range of selected entries?



Hi @Charles_Weir This is some good feedback for Infusionsoft. Currently, there is not an out of the box solution to mass sending outstanding invoices to customers.

The manual process you have discovered would currently be the only way to do this. I am not sure if there are some solutions with the API that you may be able to incorporate, as I have personally not got to see anyone who had something like this set up.

I would urge you to submit some feedback to our product team on this, @ This is our main channel to submit feedback, surrounding the product, the service, and just about anything, Infusionsoft!

Our product team also shared a google form, with some specific e-commerce related questions, and some space to share some ideas, if you have the time, I would recommend sharing some information with them here, also.

Many thanks. Yes - I’ve submitted the request and feedback. It certainly seems a feature that others will want too. I’ll look into whether any other form of automation might do the trick; it would be clunky, but this problem is wasting a surprising amount of staff time.

Is there a way to find out if the feature has been scheduled in the dev pipeline, and when it might be available?

Hah! Fuseomatic have a clever solution if one’s using a payment portal: Sending Multiple Infusionsoft Invoices - YouTube . But it doesn’t support sending invoices directly.

I observe that more than 200 people have viewed the video, which suggests that this is definitely a frequent requirement.

We use the payment portal in CustomerHub to enable our clients to make payment on an invoice - an email very similar to the one that the FuseMatic uses in the YouTube video shows…it uses merge code and auto-logs them right into their CH account and to the payment page. It works very well but you do have to have a CustomerHub account…similar to the Fortapay account.

I submitted feedback in both ways as James suggested. There was no response or acknowledgement from Infusionsoft.

@James_Mefford - Perhaps you might suggest to the departments involved that feedback is a two-way street, and that if in future they acknowledge and respond to feedback, they will be more likely to keep their customers and encourage future feedback? :wink: