Sending one invoice per customer per month (not one per subscription)

Hi guys. Does anyone know a workaround for this? When we sign up a new client we use a Buy Now link (via the Opportunity) and often there are 6 or so Subscriptions as part of that order/sign-up. When a client first signs up they get the one invoice, which is good — but in subsequent months they get one invoice per subscription which is far from ideal, for them and for us. How can we just get the one invoice going to them each month, from Month 2 onwards? Thanks in advance for your tips! Much appreciated. (P.S. Infusionsoft support told me earlier that it’s not possible—that is, that one invoice per subscription must be issued—but I’m wondering if anyone else has had to contend with this issue, and if there is a creative workaround somehow?)

(Apologies for cross-posting — also posted this in Redirecting... )

Hi guys. I posted this 19 days ago and there has been no reply? Is that normal? I thought this use forum was supported by Infusionsoft staff? I look forward to a reply. Thanks! MC