Is there Billing Automation for multiple cards on one account?

We use a campaign to automatically create invoices for customers on the first of each month. With Infusionsoft’s automated billing, we can run a card on file automatically any number of times for that invoice.

This is all good and dandy until we run into customers with multiple orders being created and with multiple cards on file. If a customer wants to pay a certain one of those invoices with one card and the other one with another card, is infusionsoft capable of billing automation on that level?

Hi, @Logan_G . Are you using legacy action sets to create orders in a campaign sequence? In this case, Infusionsoft will default to the most recent card on file. If you are asking whether you can split payments on a single order using multiple cards, that isn’t possible in Infusionsoft…and is pretty rare for e-commerce transactions.

I am using legacy actions sets. I thought it wouldn’t be possible, I may be the only one who has ever asked. Are you familiar with any API’s that allow something like this? I know Fortapay gives customers an easy way to pay their statement balance on a card of their choice, know of any others?