Email statues: how to change none engaging none marketable to marketable?

My marketing manager made a mistake, setting up auto email control, 4 month no action will be marked as nonengaving-marketable, 8 month marked as none engaging none marketable. We have a lot of leads still in the sales pipeline, very interested and being opted out this way.

How can I change the email statues?

go under Marketing - Settings - Automated List Management and you can turn that feature off, or change the settings.

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Thank you Jeff. I did turn the feature off. But there are some of the leads market none engaging none marketable, how can I change them back to marketable?

pull up a list of the Unengaged Non-Marketables and select them all (the checkbox at the top of the list) and then when you click the ‘Actions’ button, all the way down at the bottom of the actions list is Opt in/out option.