Create a sequence based on the shopping cart

I have been trying to create a sequence that will notify our sales department that a new order was placed through the shopping cart but the system won’t let me since we are not processing a card at the time of order. There are triggers that say they occur when an order is placed or when a specific product is ordered but I found that those only occur if a credit card is charged for those products. If that is going to be the case, I need a sequence trigger based directly on a product being submitted through the shopping cart instead of off a CC being charged for that product. That way the sequence can still be triggered even if a customer is paying by cash, check, COD, or having the card charged at a later date.

We also can’t seem to base the sequence off a new tag being applied because any tag would be based on the order being placed and, as stated above, the system does not see the order as being placed since it did not charge a credit card. What makes this extra stupid is when setting up the shopping cart it asks which payment options you want to accept and you can turn off the credit card option. Apparently what that means though is that none of your orders will then appear to be complete nor trigger any sequence or notify a salesperson.

Because of the way the system is set up now, if we have a current contact recorded in Infusionsoft and they go through the shopping cart to place a new order, it doesn’t notify anyone in our sales department because they are an existing contact. Only if it is a new contact is there a way to create a notification for them, because it is based on the contact and not the order.

Does anyone have any other suggestions on how to make this work or other options for creating a trigger?