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@John_Borelli, or anyone else. I’m curious. Is it possible to call the api to create a CIM Profile possible with the Shopping Cart?

Any reason not to use the merchant account integration under merchant accounts?

What’s happening here John is, I want infusionsoft to handle the initial sale and our backend handles the subscription. We’re setup to create a CIM Profile when we add card info into our system. However, our system isn’t a cart type of package and it’s also not designed or equipped with good receipts and communication. Clearly, Infusionsoft is. Since we are handling the re-occurring subscriptions and we don’t want to have to have credit cards on file. A sale at infusionsoft doesn’t create a CIM Profile. I spoke with someone at and they said "If Infusionsoft can call the API to create the CIM Profile you should be fine. So support said it might be able to be done in code but I wasn’t sure how to research that. Hence my question. Hope that’s clear.

Ok, thanks, that does clear a lot up. A script that creates the profile can be created for sure. The only question at that point would be what method for triggering it might be used. Product purchase triggers can call the script but if you find you have a lot of products then that would get tedious. A campaign can call the script but only certain triggers will fire that. Probably the best option would be to use REST hooks, which can be programmed to trigger on any order creation. So while it does involve coding, it most certainly is something that could be done.

Hey @Keith_Shapiro, I was facing this kind of problem with recurring payment when using Can you elaborate if you have been able to resolve this, via API call from InfusionSoft to

Can you share details please…