Services or Custom Coding to Connect Infusionsoft Shopping cart to Easy Pay Direct Merchant

Hi there,

I’m looking to use Infusionsoft as a shopping cart for my funnel and Easy Pay Direct as the merchant (which Infusionsoft no longer partners with) so I can set up affiliate tracking.

Does anyone know any services or if custom coding can achieve this?


Contact cart connect. I’m pretty sure they have a way to so it.

Hey John, thanks for the recommendation!

I reached out to them and unfortunately they do not have a solution to connect the Infusionsoft Shopping Cart with Easy Pay Direct

I’m sorry to hear that. They’re usually pretty good about being able to connect most. Unfortunately then, that leaves only a middle ware solution available to you as an option.

In the case of middleware, the processing happens outside of Infusionsoft and then the middle ware handles making sure that Infusionsoft is just updated with the information (order, product, payment et al).

This normally requires custom coding to accomplish and must run from a PCI DSS compliant environment (server)

Try SendOwl… they have native affiliate tracking.