Way to use/create custom merchant account

Hello All,
I want to use changeover payment gateway inside infusinsoft. can anyone help that how to create custom merchant account for payment processing in infusionsoft ecommerce.

Hi @Anil_Prasad, I don’t believe we have that merchant available out of the box. I would recommend checking out our marketplace to find a solution.

If you wish to create this solution, we have a variety of resources available to help you start developing on the Infusionsoft API, most of which are accessible through the Infusionsoft Developer site.

First, you should review the acceptable use guidelines for integrations accessing the Infusionsoft API.
Next, set up a developer account to get credentials to use.
Then, use either an SDK or read the REST API or [XML-RPC API]
(xml-rpc - Keap Developer Portal) documentation to get started developing.

Finally, once you have a working integration, if you would like to make it available to other Infusionsoft customers you can submit your application to the Infusionsoft Marketplace.


In my experience, merchant account integrations are beyond what any API integration can do, unless you make a complete billing processor that charges invoices outside of Infusionsoft entirely. Can someone at Infusionsoft with knowledge in this area comment on whether that is correct or not?

@Jordan_Novak I don’t know if they are still around but CartConnect offered something that I think is a solution to this. They basically had an integration with us that allowed CartConnect to use additional unsupported merchants to tie in with Infusionsoft. I wasn’t sure to which level @Anil_Prasad needed help setting this up, or how familiar he was with the api, hence the getting started reply.

Based on the info provided, another choice would be to use the api to add manual payments to an invoice and charge the invoice outside of infusionsoft like @Jordan_Novak mentioned. It just depends on Anil’s setup.

Last I checked, Rubin/CartConnect were still in business and we have referred clients to them before.