How to use INF_PAY as merchant id during purchase through phpiSdk


I want to use INF_PAY as default merchant id. But does not find it under merchant accounts. Now I am testing under test mode and its listed in my account. But INF_PAY (infusionsoft payments) is not listed there.

My all order forms are using it and its listed at there in the drop-down , But not found under merchant Accounts section.

Infusionsoft payments must be setup in your ecommerce setup not in your merchant account list:

Yes, it is setup. But to use this I need merchant id to be used in api. That is not listed under merchat Account section.

Hi @Arvinder_Kumar, it sounds like you are trying to get the merchant account id? I suggest getting that through an app settings call. You can find instructions on how to do this here.


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