I want my payment gateway to appear as an option when setting up a merchant account in InfusionSoft

How can I write this plugin to make it appear in the below options

Hello @Pawan_Kumar. What payment gateway do you have. If it does not appear on the list, you may need to investigate a 3rd party connector.

I have my own payment gateway and want it to appear in that list. What kind of plugin do I have to implement to achieve that? You can checkout http://cloudbanking.com.au

Hm, I am not seeing a 3rd party connector that would integrate the two, directly. From what I am reading, on the cloudbanking site, they reference being able to integrate with accounting software, like XERO, or MYOB, but no reference to CRM integration.

You may want to reach out to them, to see if they happen to have any recommendations on plug-ins that their customers user to integrate in with a CRM, like Infusionsoft, as I am not seeing any.


This is not something you would ever accomplish via a forum. Security and PCI compliance issues alone would prevent that public discussion. I would contact Infusionsoft to get in touch with someone that manages Partner relationships. If you are not an ICP/ICC then you’re putting the cart before the horse and you may want to first look into what that involves.

The real answer last time I checked is that Infusionsoft is no longer really actively adding to that list. However, CartConnect does integrations with external carts and Infusionsoft, so your best course of action would probably be looking at gettting your cart integrated with CartConnect, and then you can choose that option from the drop down.


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