Adding Another Moneris Merchant Account

I have been using a merchant account through Moneris (CAD $) with Infusionsoft since I joined back in 2015.
I have just set up a USD Moneris account and went to add it, and it shows that Infusionsoft no longer supports Moneris. Ug.
I spoke with online chat who said to ask here as they know it can be done with API but didn’t know how. LOL
Can anyone assist?

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Hi, @Glenyce_Hughes. CartConnect is probably the only game in town when it comes to integrating a Moneris account. You might also want to reach out to @MarcPSummers to see if he has a connector for Moneris.

The only other option I can think of would be to use something like infusedwoo and run all of your order processing in woocommerce and just use Infusionsoft for the CRM/Marketing part of your business.

Thanks so much!
Silly question… how do I reach out to @MarcPSummers? When I click on his name I see all his activity but there isn’t a specific spot to message him.

We do connect to Moneris - we added it last week :slight_smile: or

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Thanks @MarcPSummers I will send an email.