Working Merchant Account in South Africa?

One of my clients is based in South Africa and is looking to put a merchant account or payment gateway into IS.

The tells us to use DPS (who don’t support SA they told him) or try WorldPay (again they have told him they don’t support). Does anyone have an option that they know a) does support and b) works

Many thanks!

Hm, It sounds like the client may need to seek a solution like woocommerce and connect it to IS with Infusedwoo. That is, if any of the merchants that Woocommerce support, support SA. I have had a couple customers in areas that DPS and WorldPay didn’t support, that have utilized woocommerce, and integrated the orders into IS.

Thanks James thanks for your feedback, I agree, unfortunately they are not using WordPress.

I was also thinking of Stripe / Stripyfuse (other brands are availiable!!) - but thats a higher cost than having a direct integration with a supported merchant account.

In my research yesterday, I did run across some information I didn’t know. I was running across articles titled things like “How Merchant Accounts work in South Africa” I started seeing that it looks like SA has some compliance hoops to jump through with merchant accounts.

I am sure you are familiar with Stripe / Stripyfuse, being a partner. I can say that, in my time in support, stripe+stripeyfuse has worked quite well, with Infusionsoft, being as it direct integrates in, allowing for full functionality within IS (Orders, Refunds).

Hi James, interesting.Yep Stripe/Stripeyfuse is what I am probably going to have to recommend, but this does add an additional layer of cost when my client was looking to use one of the directly integrated systems.

Thanks for your feedback however!

Hi James have you come right yet? There is another alternative in using Shopify. We have done it for clients but the woo commerce is a better way and have even set up sub domains to get us where we want to. Btw these were all South African clients