Infusionsoft is not a solution for my ecommerce?

Hi John (amanda here)

My developer just sent me these notes: (this is with owning woocommerce, approved by infusionsoft merchant bank. Would infusedwoo allow all of this to work?

"Unfortunately, my research hasn’t uncovered a lot of good news for the details you need for your shopping cart. Infusionsoft just does not have the detailed customization options available and the more we are digging in to its capabilities, the more unfriendly it appears to be for a complete e-commerce solution like what you are wanting. It’s unfortunately that their capabilities weren’t obvious up-front and all of the details needed were not uncovered until now.

I think the only solution for this current setup would be to somehow keep the user in your site/woocommerce throughout their shopping and adding products to cart, but then pass the cart to infusionsoft to checkout, but I haven’t had any luck finding out if this is possible or if a solution is available.

It may be the case that we need to use a solution that is a dedicated e-commerce solution in order to meet all of the needs of your customers. As great as infusionsoft is at many things, e-commerce is still a work in progress, it seems."

Hi, @Amanda_Howell,

I replied to your email.


if you are using InfusedWoo, that is designed to just feed your content (and allow your CC processing) to happen through Infusionsoft. You would keep the client on your website and use WooCommerce for the whole process. The data would then flow into Infusionsoft for all follow-ups, post-purchase emails, etc. but you would not be using the Infusionsoft shopping cart for the final purchase piece.

I hope that helps.



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