InfusedWoo: passing credit card info to Infusionsoft contact record

Hi there! I’m using InfusedWoo to integrate WooCommerce and our InfusionSoft account. I’m trying to work out a way to auto-charge customers who opt to pay a deposit on an item with the remaining balance due a month later.

I’ve got a system in place that is 90% functional, but I’ve got one hiccup with the auto-charge: the customer’s credit card info doesn’t get passed along to InfusionSoft, so when the system tries to make the auto-charge, the payment fails.

Does anyone know how to remedy this?


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I’m having the exact same issue; so frustrating. Based on my digging, it seems that this is due to an issue within InfusedWoo, not WooCommerce or InfusionSoft.

Please let me know if you find a solution!


According to InfusedWoo, it works if you use InfusionSoft as your payment gateway. But if you use any other payment gateway, InfusionSoft doesn’t receive the credit card information. This is more to do with the credit card processor not passing along the customer’s cc# for privacy/security reasons.

InfusedWoo did say that they’ll be hooking into InfusionSoft’s payment plan options with 4.0. I’m curious to know how that will work if one isn’t using InfusionSoft as the merchant account.