Ecommerce Storefront & tracking Size Inventory

I am relatively new to Infusionsoft. I am loving everything so far except for the ecommerce solution that I’m paying for.

The storefront is awful. My consultant talked about using woocommerce as the front end and use the Infusionsoft shopping cart. Can someone explain to me how that works? I don’t understand how they interact.

Also I think it’s a major flaw that if I’m tracking inventory on a product, say a tshirt, I can’t enter the QTY of each size? That makes zero sense. I currently have 6 mediums and 2 XL in inventory. I’m not ordering more of these particular shirts. If I put in 8 that I have on hand (which is the only option) I could potentially sell sizes I don’t have. Is this really not possible?

Someone help me!

You will design and build your online shopping experience in woocommerce. Woocommerce will then send contact data over to Infusionsoft upon purchase where your marketing campaigns will kick-in. So essentially, you are replacing the Infusionsoft shopping cart with woocommerce and using Infusionsoft for all of the marketing and business automation.