Need some suggestions re: Order Form limitations

I’ve really been hitting a wall with trying to get Infusionsoft to work for a specific ecommerce need. I’m trying set up wholesale ordering, so basically there would be variable prices of products depending on the level of the wholesaler. I thought I had separate order forms working to accommodated this.

I integrated Spiffy to make them more presentable, implemented custom code to control the order the items appear in - but now I’m stuck because we need the ability for people to set an item quantity to ‘0’, or remove it from the order.

It’s crazy to me that there still is not a solution for this. Linking to alternate order forms with various products removed isn’t a viable solution here. For the time being I’ve create bundle links to suffice, but those are definitely not a long term solution - and I can’t customize the product order on those! Seriously hitting a wall everywhere I turn. We do have WooCommerce set up for our primary store-front, so I’m thinking of just ditching Infusionsoft for the ecommerce side altogether.

Does anyone have any suggestions on a solution for this? Any custom coding that can allow for products to be set to ‘0’ on order forms? Any suggestions on order form solutions for WooCommerce?

Any input would be appreciated!

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