Customizing Order Form for Products

I would like to make an order form, but having trouble customizing it how I would like. I have several products I would like the client to choose from, is there a way to have a drop down and the client choose which product from the form? Or have all my products and the client choose the amount. It won’t let me choose “0” as an option on the for now.

What about having additional custom fields for the client to choose other options?

I don’t know HTML and have watched countless videos and have not really found a solution, if there even is one. Thank you!!


Sorry to say, but that functionality is not possible on an order form. An order form is for static products that have a value higher than 1.
To accomplish what you are trying to do, you would have to have a full ecommerce shopping cart (which Infusionsoft has but it is really bad).



You would probably find this much simpler to do with either or formlift (wp plugin)