Order form customization

I would like to create a customized order form with all of the info on my current order form. I do not know how to create the html. My current order form is on Samcart and I would like to make the switch. This is the link below.


Sounds like Spiffy is what you’re looking for. They have a SLICK solution for building custom and fancy order forms like that one: Spiffy | Beautiful, Infusionsoft Mobile-Optimized Order Forms

(This is my affiliate link, but I’m recommending it because I think it’ll do exactly what you need - not for the $5 it might make me :slight_smile: )

Hi Greg,

Thanks for responding. The issue is that I really don’t want to have to pay more to achieve this. I don’t code, but I’m a fast learner and pretty savvy. I would rather have someone tell me how to do it. Or even point me in the direction of a helpful youtube video. :smiley:

Hey Candice you can bring this into Infusionsoft, I’ll have a deeper look tomorrow and come back to you.

We’re using Spiffy on most of our order forms now but want customization to the form like bump offers and multiple offers to choose from. Does anyone know of an alternative or a firm that can do custom coding for this.

I think Spiffy CAN do bump offers - and they also have a shopping cart wrapper now too, which would accommodate the multiple offers scenario you’re describing.

Thanks Greg. We’ll take a look at this. Just yesterday - before your response - we were talking internally about if we need custom development for order pages since Spiffy wasn’t doing what we needed. You may have saved us a lot of time, effort, and expense. Thanks again.

There are a few other options you might consider looking at. Form lift can take order form code in a wp page and give you a lot of options for formatting them, and orderforms.com has a front end that integrates with IS/Keap…just a couple of the options out there :wink: