Custom Online Order Forms

We are looking for the best solution to create enhanced order forms that have a tie-in to our products in Infusionsoft. Do not recommend Spiffy as we are not fans.

We ideally would like something that has a drag and drop ability, conditional fields, strong design customization, and mobile friendly capability. We use Zapier so it can be done this way if needed.


Are you looking for an order form only solution?

For all that functionality you could certainly look at WooCommerce with Infused Woo (if you have a Wordpress site) …

Or (again WordPress), you could work up some forms with Gravity Forms and GravityWiz plugins, where the Gravity Wiz plugin pulls data from Keap.

Other than that, Spiffy is the only true custom ‘order form only’ solution I know of.


Thanks, Jeff - -

That is helpful because Woocommerce is our shopping cart provider. However, in our research it was not clear what the best solution would be. Does Gravity Forms integrate with Keap or Zapier?