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I have a client who is setting up monthly recurring billing for their e-commerce site and wants to use’s recurring billing versus Infusiosnoft. That way updating CC, etc. is better UX for the customer.

Anyone know how I can integrate and Infusiosnoft so when there is a successful invoice it adds a tag in IS and unsuccessfull it applies a PAYF tag?

Hi @Ryan_Rothschild, you should still be able to setup by following this help article. As far as tagging someone when a payment is made, you can use billing automation or product purchase actions.


Thank Carlos. But I believe the native IS integration is only for purchases made using Infusionsoft. In this case, the client wants to use the native functionality of to charge the customer CC (not IS) and then communicate that with IS. Will the native IS integration recognize purchases made using the native functionality and record those as transactions in IS?


Some payment triggers will run on api updates and others will not so it will depend upon your model/design. To get a better picture of which does what, see the following article:

Hey @Ryan_Rothschild, that is correct, this option is for specifically collecting payments using the “out of the box” shopping cart provided by Infusionsoft. I think what you are needing is achievable through the API. It sounds like you are just wanting to use Infusionsoft as a book keeping type of integration? There are several options using the legacy xmlrpc api. Here are a few methods/services to look into

Create blank order
Add an item to the blank order
Add a manual payment to the order ← This can be manual so that it just “simulates” a payment which would be made outside of Infusionsoft in this case.


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But still be aware that not all automation triggers will work with api registered payments. So, you’d want to focus on the ones that do. Still, if you can register a payment through the api then you can also raise a tag, which likely would resolve your communication of the payment then.

Awesome. Thanks Carlos!

Thanks John!


If we are using integration with Infusionsoft to collect Recurring Order payments, does the Auto Updater functionality of still works?

Basically, I want to make sure that if we are collection recurring payments using infusionsoft and payment integration, if the credit card of the client is expiring, takes care of updating the credit card with its Account Updater functionality with the new one for subscription payments to continue

Does anyone if this is how the integration works?

Thanks in advance!!