Action Set that applies a tag upon invoice creation

Is there a way to automatically apply a tag to a contact record once an invoice has been created within their contact record? I am looking for some sort of action set or automation so it does not need to be done manually each time we invoice a client. Ultimately I am using the tag to kick off a notification that an invoice has been sent.

Thank you!

So it doesn’t sound like you’re looking for when the invoice is paid but rather when it is created. The only way I know of to do this is by using webhooks (through the api) which is something one of us developers would be needed for (unless you do some api programming yourself, but most don’t…it’s a full contact sport after all lol)

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Hi Joanna, to clarify how are the invoices being created? Meaning are they manually created inside the Infusionsoft?

They are manually being created in Infusionsoft via a contact record > new order.

However, I am open to any sort of work around if there is one!

Hey John,

Thanks! What if we apply a tag when an invoice is paid. Is that possible to automate without a helmet and shoulder pads? :slight_smile:

Ultimately I am looking to notify a team member of an invoice being created and/or paid.


That will depend upon some of the purchase details. I’ll share a link below that has a chart of which purchase actions are triggered under which conditions. Given this, you can raise a tag or other action set activities to automate followup etc.

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Hi Joanna, as long as the Orders are Paid for by a Credit Card you can setup a Billing Automation and/or a campaign using a Purchase goal. In order to make sure a manual payment will trigger the action you would go to E-Commerce > Settings > Product > Run Purchase Actions On All Orders here is a video

However, any orders that are paid by any payment type will not trigger the Campaign and/or Billing Automation.

Only “Credit Card (Charge Now)” will trigger Campaign and/or Billing Automation.

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Note that the global purchase action does not trigger with api payments registered. As well, partial payments (for less than the full amount) and recurring payments (subscriptions) are handled differently as well.

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Thank you for your help!