Notification email after creating order

Is there a way when creating an order using the screen below to trigger a sequence or otherwise email a contact that an order has been created? bonus points if it can populate with variable information from the order form via merged fields.

Are you applying payment to this order, or are you wanting the automation to trigger off of creation alone?

If you’re doing this with specific product(s) then the product purchase automation will work but if it’s needed for just any order then that trigger won’t fire on a manual order creation

@Tim_Viveiros, nothing automated can happen just because an order is manually created. Once payment is made (manually or when an invoice has been manually sent) purchase actions (if set up) can apply actions all at once or a tag can just be applied to set off a campaign where emails and delay timers can be configured. Automate follow-up when a purchase is mad | Max Classic might help you.