Contact Owner and Task Owner Fields for non-Admin

I have someone set up as a Sales Manager and they cannot see the Owner field on the Contact screen or the User field on the Task screen. I have set the appropriate check boxes in the User Permissions to allow them to edit and reassign these items, but the fields are not showing up.

I can get this to work if I make the user an Admin, but I do not want to elevate her to that level just for that task.

Hi @John_Townsend It sounds like you may be missing one of the permissions needed for this. Can you take a look in this user’s permissions, and under the ‘Application’ permission set, scroll down to find one titled ‘Can See Other Users’ This permission would need to be set to ‘Yes’. This permission is the common culprit, for a scenario like this.

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This definitely sounds like a permissions, so you’re in the right place. Permissions can be very tricky, so the best bet is always to contact support because they can log in as the user and verify whether or not a permissions change had the desired effect.

Short of that though there are a couple of things you should check. On the contacts page make sure they have the permission for “can view all records”. Some other permissions to look at would be “can re-assign”, “can view (or edit) unassigned records”. Try those same permissions under the Task/Appt/Note section of the Calendar tab as well as “can assign tasks”.

Whenever you edit permissions the user will have to log completely out then back in before they take effect, so make sure your sales manager does this when you try any changes.