New User Cannot View Certain Fields on Contact Pages

I have a new user who is unable to see the ‘Owner’ field that appears on a contact’s General Information tab. It’s important in our process that she can see who a contact’s owner is and is able to change it.

I’m unsure if ‘Owner’ is a standard Keap field or if it’s a custom one for our organization. Either way, how can I make sure that all users can see this field in the General Tab of a contact page? I have circled what is not appearing for our new user.

Check this User Permission has been assigned.

Can re-assign

This permission controls the ability to change the owner of a contact record. The owner is the user who is primarily responsible for maintaining a relationship with an individual contact. If this permission is set to No, the user will not be able to change the assigned user for any contact records.

Yes, we’ve fixed her permissions and it is set to “yes”. But for whatever reason, when she is looking at a contact record, the owner field doesn’t appear anywhere on the page. So though her settings allow her to change the owner, she can’t even see who the owner is.

Go into the Admin - User area.
Click on the User’s name
Click on the ‘User Permissions’

In there, under the Application tab, ‘can see other users’ — set that to ‘yes’ and then the Owner field should appear after the user logs out and back in.


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Oh my goodness, thank you so much, Jeff! I definitely wouldn’t have guessed it was hiding in the Application section.

Appreciate your help!