Contact Owner Field not showing up in Internal Form

Hi Guys

Just looking for some help on an issue which is causing a big internal problem in our business.

We have an internal form which our Sales support team fill in and assign an owner to each lead. This is done by filling in an internal form and the top field of the internal form is: Contact Owner.

The issue we are having is: We have 6 sales team members. Only 2 of us can see the Contact Owner field on the internal form. If the other 4 users go on the exact same form on their accounts, they can’t see the option for a contact owner field.

Any suggestions?

Much appreciated, thanks.

This sounds to be due to the permission set for these users.

There are 2 permissions that work in tandem, that can be preventing this.

One is under the ‘Contact’ permissions section, called ‘Can Re-Assign’
The other is under the ‘Application’ permissions, called ‘Can See Other Users’

If these users need to see and change the ‘owner’ field, on the internal form, these 2 permissions would need to be set to ‘yes’.

Here is a quick visual recording from my app, showing how to navigate to these 2 permissions. 2017-08-07_0849

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