How can I automatically assign the contact owner according to the contact creator?

I’m using internal forms to create contacts. I want to automatically assign the contact owner to the user who created the contact. In an export file, I see fields for “Created By,” “Owner ID,” and “Owner.” Unfortunately I don’t see any way to use “Created By” in a campaign.

Any ideas on how I can accomplish this?

On your internal form, insert the ‘owner’ field and they can just select themselves as the owner of the record.


Thank you, but there are two reasons I’m not able to do that. First, my users don’t have the necessary permissions to reassign contact ownership, which means the “Owner” field doesn’t even show up for them on the internal form. Second, I want this to be absolutely seamless for my users – as little room for user error as possible.

I haven’t had any success in the past with ‘logged in user’ functionality, so I’m not sure doing this automatically will be possible.

I have done this for clients before. They didn’t share ‘ownership change’ capability, so we did it differently for each client (due to other config inside their system):

For one, we had a custom field with a dropdown list of all ‘users’ in the system. We ran a decision diamond after the Internal Form saying “if X field = Joe Smith” they would go into sequence 1. There, we would ‘assign owner’ to Joe Smith. Repeat for all options.

For the other, we just had a Radio button with all potential ‘users’ listed and did the same process based on the option chosen in the radio button field.