How to Assign the new contact to the user who creates the contact

When my new users add a contact to IS, the contact doesn’t have any owner and if they send an email, it goes from the default user which causes lots of problems.

The other issue is that I can not give each user access to the whole database and they can not find their own contacts after adding because they are not the owners.

How could we solve this problem?

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This proves to be a bit difficult in your situation, as the permissions you require do not allow the user to see the ‘Owner’ field.

If each user had their own specific internal form to fill out to add contacts, the contact could easily run through an Assign Owner process in a campaign. Each internal form connected to its own sequence to assign the new contact to that specific owner, but I am not sure if this is something you would want to implement, if you haven’t yet.

I know PlusThis has an option to send contact data over, and assign an owner, based on the user that created the contact, though.

Hi James,

I think the internal form can be filled out after the contact has been created. Is that right or it is another way for adding a new contact?
Could you send me the instruction or tutorial?

let me ask, how are your users are currently adding contacts into the system? With Infusionsoft, there are a few different answers to questions like this… heh :slight_smile:

To be honest, this is one of the reasons that my users are not using Infusion soft at all.
Personally I use the quick add option on top right of the screen.

Entering through the quick-add is the most common way to add contact information. The issue you are running into, is, your user permissions call for your user to not be able to see or set the owner, and Infusionsoft does not currently assign owner based on who created the contact, automatically.

I have an idea that would require a simple internal form, set as your ‘Default’ quick add form. This form could contain a required radio option of your users, requiring your users to just select their name when entering new contact information. This form could run through a simple campaign to assign the owner.

I have created a video, visually showing what this would look like. I laid out an internal form, and 3 user sequences (my example accounts for 3 different users, but could easily accommodate more.) 2017-07-17_1518

You will see in the video that I create an internal form, and along with any information fields, I include a ‘Radio Snippet’ that lists out all of my users, and I set it to *Required.

I continue the campaign by setting up a decision diamond to direct my contact into a specific sequence, based on the radio button selection, on the internal form. Inside the sequences, I just add a ‘Set Owner’ sequence, configured to the specific owner that should be assigned, based on my rules that passed the contact into a specific sequence.

Once I publish my campaign, I navigate to my CRM Settings, where I have the option, at the bottom of the settings page, to set my new internal form as an available ‘Quick-Add’ form, and, I even set it as the default in the video. If you set it as the default, it will be the form that displays when you hit the + at the top-right of the screen, to add a contact.

Thanks for posting this - it was helpful! It looks like there used to be a campaign in a can, but this link does not bring it up in the marketplace, so your video helped me puzzle it through.

Hi I am a Sales Rep and I have permission to edit a contact. I typically scan business cards and upload contacts that way. It is extremely annoying to have to manually change the contact owner on every single contact. I am scanning about 20 new contacts a day into the system and this is getting very tedious. Is there any way to have it automatically assign the owner to me upon scanning in from the mobile app? I noticed when creating it through the mobile app even though I have permissions I cannot assign the owner during the creation process.

As a work around I have been tagging all contacts to my name and running a search based on those tags that have no owner and updating them once a day.