Re-assigning owner and assigning an owner

I am currently trying to tailor the permissions for users according to the way we run our business. The issue I am having is that I would rather not allow our sales team to re-assign contacts. I have turned off the re-assign permission but now they are not able to create a contact and assign it to themselves.

This is unfortunately quite a big issue as we require them to create a new contact (if one calls in and needs setting up) however we wouldn’t like them to be able to re-assign a contact to themselves if they are already assigned to another sales agent.

I would like them to assign an owner to a contact. But not re-assign an owner to a contact. Which is what I thought this permission would cover.

Can re-assign
This permission controls the ability to change the owner of a contact record. The owner is the user who is primarily responsible for maintaining a relationship with an individual contact. If this permission is set to No, the user will not be able to change the assigned user for any contact records.

We are currently setting this up through a contact form in Campaign Builder with an Owner Field Snippet

Please advise.

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Stephen Conlan

No, that permission involves the ability to ‘change’ the owner meaning that even if an owner is not assigned, then assigning an owner is still a change, just as changing from one owner to another would be as well. No distinction is made between the term ‘assign’ and ‘change’. It’s more all or not at all.

Hi John,

Thanks for your reply, I am quite unhappy with the way the permissions are batched together, but I have noticed what you are saying is correct. It definitely seems to be “all or not at all,” we have to give our sales team this privilege so that they can create their own contacts however it is the batch change owner which really worries me. Whilst I don’t think this would be used maliciously, the ability to is still there for all of our sales team.

I can think of a couple of potential workarounds but none are as simple as changing the permissions, which I feel it should be.


@Stephen_Conlan, I’m not sure if this would help but what we’ve done with out clients who have sales team is to only give permission to “re-assign” to a manager/User who assigns the Owner via an internal form. He is the only one who can assign/change. The other Owners cannot.

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Hi Cheryl,

Thanks for your input, the problem however is that we have dozens of calls each day from customers looking to buy. With this, the Sales Team need to create a contact and assign it to their selves. Unfortunately relying on one person to do this would be very counter-productive.


Totally understand, @Stephen_Conlan. I think what I would do then in your situation is have your sales reps create the contact and then apply a Note (legacy or campaign builder) that would then assign the correct rep as the Owner. You’d need the same number of notes as reps. That way you aren’t having to assign them manually.

Hi Cheryl,
That was one of the solutions that I was considering however I was hoping for a more straightforward process. Primarily because as we expand and take on new Sales Agents we don’t want to add more and more steps to them starting. Currently we spend a few hours setting them up with all their accounts.

It is definitely a step that I will be considering though. Thanks for your suggestion.


You bet, Stephen. It really only takes a second…about as long as it would take them to manually assign an Owner themselves.

Another way would be to create a special internal form to create the contact and just have a series of radio buttons to assign the Owner as part of the form…a campaign would then automate the owner assignment based on the option selected. Lots of ways to skin a cat…for the most part, there’s always a way :slight_smile: