Can you mass change an "owner" under the contacts tab?

We had a sales employee leave the company and need to change all of those leads/contacts to one of our other sales reps. There are over 200 of them. Is there a way to do a ‘mass change’ from one “owner” to another? Trying to save time and not have to do them all individually!

@Rachel_Garland. Yes actually. Two ways I believe. One do a search by owner and with the selected list go to the actions button in the upper left corner. Otherwise when you go to deactivate the user I believe the system prompts you to mass move all records in their name to another user.


Here’s a help article for running mass actions on contacts, this can be used to reassign owner:

Or, as Chae metioned, depending on your needs, you could use one of these three options:


One very improtant thing to keep in mind when changing owners is that if you use tasks for your sales team and there are tasks assigned to your former employee still then you probably want to change the owner when you deactivate the account. This is because you can reassign tasks at the same time.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you distribute contact records and tasks to multiple people using a round robin they will NOT always go to the same person. Because someone is assigned the contact does not mean they will be assigned the task, so the easiest method is to reassign everything to one person. If you need to distribute the leads and tasks while making sure the tasks go to the new owner it can be done, but is a complicated and time intensive process. Contact me if you have any questions on how to do that.

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