Reassign Contacts

Is there a way of reassigning all contacts, leads and opportunities (batch) to another user without deactivating the original user?


When you search for a list of contacts, you can use the “Actions” dropdown menu to select “Reassign Contacts (Batch)”.

This will allow you to reassign all contacts and all leads to the new users. (Leads=Opportunities)



Hi Greg

Many thanks for this, loving this option

Mo x

Hi Greg, I wonder when reassigning all leads, does this also reassign tasks aswell as Opportunities?

I’m trying to ensure tasks have been transfered too, but struggling to find a way to report on outstanding tasks for our staff members.

Additionally, if I delete a user account is there an option to reassign tasks, opportunities, etc. to another user?

Thanks for any advice

Yes, reassigning all leads also CAN reassign opportunities. It’s actually the orange checkbox in my screenshot above. They’re called “leads” in this instance (Opportunities were originally referred to as “leads” in the early versions of the software).

I don’t know about tasks - I recommend testing if you want to check that.

If you need to find tasks assigned to other users there are a few ways to do that - the Tasks section of MyDay lets you choose a user and view their tasks. Or, you could use the Task Note Report, under Admin >> Reports.

Finally, yes, if you deactivate a user it DOES let you reassign all of their outstanding tasks/opportunities/contacts, etc. Here’s a screenshot of those options, but for this particular user, there wasn’t any data, so, they all say 0/0.

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