Can I bulk reassign tasks to another user

I am sure there is a way to do it, however, can someone point me in the direction? I need to reassign tasks for contacts that have already been reassigned. The tasks didnt transfer over to the new owner.

Hi Eric, Just to clarify the tasks were already attempted to be reassigned but they are still assigned to the original User, is that right?

If so what steps did you take to do to do that?

Hi Eric - you can reassign tasks in bulk by using the Task Note Report, under Admin >> Reports.

Hope this helps!

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To clarify, I round robined the database to split the contacts up. Now my issue is that the tasks that were already assigned, which I thought would transfer ownership with the contact, did not. So I have tasks due for contacts I no longer own.

This helps a bit. That is what I was looking for. Is there a way to identify the owner of the contact on this page? I didnt see that as an option for the columns

If you are wanting to change the owner from yourself to another User you can use the Misc Criteria tab and select all the tasks assigned to you. Then in the results check the boxes to the left of the contact name and then use the Actions button to reassign them.

You can also add the User to the columns which is the Owner of the contact

Can this also be done in Keap Pro?