Automate sequence upon Owner Change

I was wondering if anyone has a solution so that we can push a contact into a campaign sequence when the owner is changed on the drop down below:


We have set up a form to assign an owner as an Internal Form, this runs various sequences however I have noticed some contacts have changed owners without going through this form. It would be nice to track who changes the owner in this location.

Many Thanks.

Hi Stephen, to make sure I understand an Owner is assigned to a Contact but it’s then changed but you don’t know how/where that is being triggered, is that right?

Hi @Stephen_Conlan,

So when you click into a contact record’s details view, scroll down to see something like the following:

If a user re-assigns an owner then it might indicate who that is there, although there is no guarantee that additional changes won’t show up before you check. As to triggering an action based on when an owner is changed, you can use Zapier to register when a contact is updated, then filter by the owner id and if changed, raise a tag to identify that owner id change within a campaign.