Assign a user to a note created in a campaign sequence

I have a campaign that creates a note after an internal form is submitted. In the internal form, I have the person that is submitted the internal form select their name by using the “assign an owner” snippet. I noticed that when they submit the internal form and the note is automatically created, it still says “not assigned” next to the note (see below). Is there a way to fix this?


Hi Hillary,

I’m not certain, but I believe this may be because the note wasn’t manually assigned. I think the Assigned User column is for listing the name of the user who applied the note using the note template dropdown you should see to the upper-right of the notes section on the contact record.

Less likely, but it could be that the note is assigned before the contact is fully assigned, you could add a 1 minute timer just before the note is applied to see if that’s the case, but unlikely.

I would suggest using a Merge Field on the Note Template’s that tells you who the owner is right at the top so you can see it quickly. It will replace the ‘null’.

Hope that helps.


Hello, so did someone find a way to automate the assign of a note to a user? Because i generate the note from a campaign and then i need to assigned to the contact owner in order to count the calls.