How to post AND assign user for an Infusionsoft note via Zapier

I have a Zap that takes a Typeform submission (that includes contact Infusionsoft ID, the Infusionsoft user ID, the note title, and the description content) and zap adds a note to the Infusionsoft contact. When I Zap the note to Infusionsoft, it comes over fine in the contact record, but it shows the note’s “Assigned User” as “Not Assigned.” How can I get a note from Zapier that will allow Infusionsoft to assign the note to the correct team member?

Notes don’t actually have owners or assigned users…tasks do but notes are only related to the contact itself. To assign an owner/user you could do that with a zap on the contact record. If you really need notes to reference an owner than you may wish to switch to using tasks.