unique contact form permissions

Quick question hopefully not too hard. We have created a new contact form that drops down from the blue + when you enter a new contact - ie it’s not the standard - name, email, number that appears. However, it does not appear to be an option for people who do not have admin access. How do I give my other users access to this form? it is appearing in the dropdown list but not displaying correctly. I’ve checked all the settings and they appear to be correct, but I’ve obviously missed something. Help pls.

Hi Michele, What fields do you have on the internal form?

Hi Amanda.

There are a few. Is there a way we can attach a screenshot for you to see?

here are the high level topics though.

Contact details
Company Info
Training Details
Training Location
Course Info

Greg Jenkins from MonkeyPodMarketing has been assisting us and while the form does appear in the dropdown area, it does not load correctly. It only loads with the standard contact form.