Allowing users to see a contact's campaigns

Hi. How can I allow a user to see the campaigns which a contact is in? When one of my users (a sales rep) looks at a contact record he does not see the “campaigns” tab. I have looked in the user permissions and see nothing that should be blocking that. What permissions do I need to change to allow this (short of making him an admin)? Thanks.

Sounds like you’re referring to accessing it on the contact details page. Does it also not show as an icon in the interactive view (see image)

Hi John. Thanks. No, it doesn’t show up in either place. That is why I thought it might be a permissioning issue.

Well I’d say it is permission based then. If it isn’t set in their specific assigned permission category then possibly in the global permissions (which admin would override but other permission sets would inherit if they are not set on that level)

Thanks, John. Any idea which permission I would need to change? I have opened up the obvious ones but I must be missing it because it is still hidden for him.

The place I would think to focus on would be under the marketing tab of the permissions settings. Since they can see the contact but not the campaigns I would focus on the section category titled ‘Campaign’ (note there is a different one titled ‘Campaign (legacy)’ but you’d be looking for the non legacy one).

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Found it. I was set properly but I guess it took time to take effect. Thanks!