User can't view all tasks under contact records

I have two users under global permissions (e.g. Yes to view all tasks under contact records) that are only seeing their own tasks but not the other team members tasks with that same contact. Triple checked on the user permissions and both should see all tasks - is it something in the initial set-up of view of a new user? Please help! Users have been on the system for over 6 months and just reported this!

Hi! After talking with the team, there is a permission you will need to verify for these two users. While in Edit User Permissions for each user, go to the User tab, and then look for the first permission,

Can view all records

If this is disabled on user A, user B’s tasks are not included when user A views the contact. If you try turning that permission on, it should allow them to see all tasks created for a contact.

Hopefully this helps!

I am having the same problem. However, the setting referenced is correctly set to yes for both myself and the other user.

I can see tasks that the other user creates but they cannot see tasks that I have created even if I assigned the task to them. What am I missing about this?