Permission to assign tasks to other user

How can I allow my admin user to assign tasks to me?

Hi @Thibaut_Holl

You will want to ensure a couple permissions are set.

Under the ‘Calendar’ tab of permissions from the user, you will want to ensure that most of the permissions under Task/Appt/Note are set to yes (your discretion on if you want to allow them to ‘delete’ tasks)

Then, under the ‘Application’ tab, there is a permission titled ‘Can See Other Users’ that you will want to ensure is set to yes. This is where the confusion comes in sometimes, because that permission is important for this, but kind of hidden.

Once you have changed any permissions, be sure the user logs out and logs back in, if they were on while you were making the changes.


Fantastic, it is now working! thanks @James_Mefford