Can I tag or perform actions from a Task Note report?

I’m trying to reduce the number of tags applications in our app… Today I removed 500k that weren’t need and there’s quite a few more that appear to have been for historical record keeping. It seems like a note could keep the record just as well, so I am planning to systematize our note application process so we use need tags for functional purposes more so than record keeping.

When I applied a note to a number of contacts with a tag we no longer need, I went into the Task Note Report section to test what I would do if I ever wanted to do a broadcast or other actions to these contacts who used to have the tag and now have the note.

When going to the Task Note Report and selecting “Actions” I see there are only 3 options…

-Delete Tasks & Appointments
-Reassign Tasks & Appointments (Multi-User)

So it seems like my options are limited… I am thinking the work around would be to do a note search, export the contact ids to a spreadsheet and then do a mass contact update with a new tag that can kick off a sequence I want the contacts to go into…

I believe this is possible though I don’t quite know how and am hoping someone can point me to documentation on this or tell me a better way!

Thanks for the help!

While you can do as you describe, you will find that notes are far (very far) more difficult to run numbers with and view. Notes also can only trigger something when it is initially created but there after, you can’t run a decision diamond on it in campaign builder or make choices based on the note as you can with tags. Tags are meant to be used extensively and you should have trigger, action, status and history tags…that’s best practices anyway. If you need to run reports, do searches or provide automation using just notes then it’s going to be a very difficult road to do so.

Interesting. Thanks for this John. We definitely have some tags that have been used a bit too casually in the past. I’ll leave the history tags for now while cleaning up some tags that no longer have any need.