Automate note templates

Hello, is there a way to automatically apply a note template in campaign builder?

for example:

  • Internal form with Radio buttons to choose follow up (call email etc)
  • Decision diamond based on the radio button selection
  • sequence that applies a note template to trigger other automations, in order to have a note applied in a contact record and automatically trigger a task.

Thank you

You can add a note, but not a note template, so you can’t trigger automation that way.

Apply a tag as well and trigger off that (though based on your question I’m pretty certain you knew that already)


Hi Andy, thank you for your reply.

As you said yes, i already knew that i could apply a tag, but it doesn’t apply any time stamp.

I asked for a note because i want to manage all of my sales reps follow up actions with notes and task related to them, even before opening an opportunity and i was looking for a solution to do that and avoid all tha manual note and tasks configurations.

Thanks anyway

Well you could apply a note AND a tag, note to get your time stamp and data save, and the tag to start the automation off.

just my 2p :slight_smile:

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Actually i probably find the solution:

You can apply a note template in “Action sets” menu. Of course you need to configure the rules of engagement, but for instance i can set a custom field radio selection to determine which follow up needs to be done, than i can configure a rule that says: whenever this custom field’s value is changed run this action (apply note template) or if you want you can trigger a tag “start button” and then run the automation.

Of course it would have been easier with tag applied based on form submission, but what if my sales rep needs to modify the follow up type not through the form but directly from the custom field of the contact record? I think that this is the case where i can trigger automations even without the form that applies a tag depending on which type of follow up needs to be done.

In this scenario, you can add a note to the record using the Note process inside the sequence, but that Note is not going to be a Note that will trigger automation, as you would have occur with a Note Goal. You would be best served to add a Tag and have a Tag drive the automation.

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Since you both are so kind, can i ask you one more thing?

i tried that “Action Sets” method, but it doesn’t work because this action set is not linked to anything, it just says do this action when a custom field is changed, but it doesn’t (probably i’lll write to the chat helper…)
Do you know if there’s a method or API to trigger automations when you manually change a value of a custom field inside a contact record?


Other than using an internal form to change the field that way, I’m going with no, sorry!