Automatically update a lit box field from radio button fields

Full Disclosure: I’m API Stupid!

I’m a wedding planner and have designed a web form with a number of radio-button add-on options from which our clients may choose. I chose separate radio button fields rather than a list box because IS list boxes don’t work on a mobile device for more than one choice.

So, for example, we have different radio button fields for “Do you want to add video to your package?” (yes/no). “How about flowers?” (yes/no), etc.

Here’s my dilemma–in the IS contact record we do have a list box with all of these options listed. This is what we use in-house for a number of different campaign functions, plus it is much easier to see at a glance which services a client has included (without wading through a bunch of radio button fields).

Is there any sort of integration I can set up whereby our internal list box options could be updated based on what a client chooses via the radio buttons? So if a client says yes to the three separate radio buttons on the web form for adding photography, flowers and video, those three list options (and only those three) would be highlighted in our internal use list box.

All insights welcomed!