Accessing Data from Web forms

I’m wanting to use web forms for things like post-purchase surveys, and I need easier access to analyze the data from the responses. I know how to build the form, and I know how to use a decision diamond to direct the contact to a specific sequence based on their answers in the form, but I’m looking for a way to access all the data. All I can find are real basic stuff like number of submissions and contact details for people filling out the forms, not what their responses were.

It would be great if it could be broken down similar to the campaign reports. For example, I have the question “How likely are you to refer a friend to our company” with radio button options ranging from 1-5. I’d like see what percentage of people chose 1, what percentage chose 2, and so on. If that level of detail isn’t available, even just getting a report that I can export that lists each submission and includes what their response was to each question would be great.


If your web forms are using custom fields for your radio buttons, etc., then you can do an export and include all of the custom fields in the export (so your “How likely …” would have a list of people with their answers (the number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). You can then get that and work some Excel magic to get the reports you want.

If the radio buttons on the forms are simply radio buttons (not custom forms), then you’d need to either:

  • have a custom field that then records the values based on the decision diamond that follows the form, or
  • apply tags for the results and include your tags in your data export.

If you do the first option, then you can do the export with custom fields. If you do the 2nd, you can do the export and include the Tags on the record and then do some parsing with that.

For my clients, I do a data dump that feeds the results into a Google Sheet using Make, then build dashboards in the Google Sheet that uses the raw data dump that we do.


Email ( if you are interested in having us do any work like this for you, and if not, hope this helped.


Thanks Jeff,
That first option sounds like it would work great for what I’d want to be able to do, but I’m not sure how to make custom fields for the radio responses. When I’m in the form and select the radio snippet it only gives me the option to fill out the radio button text.

You need to create the custom fields first — Admin - Settings - Custom Fields
Then you can insert the custom field into the form.