Query Form submission results

We send out a survey to our customers after the sale. I would love to tally the results of the survey into a spreadsheet to see trends. I currently get an email with the results of the individual surveys, but I would like to run a query to see all the results on one spreadsheet.
The results are stored under Form Submissions. Yes and No questions, stored as True/False with a space for comments.
Is this possible?

If you wanted to get the report sent to your weekly or on some other schedule, you could use a fulfillment list action inside of your sequences. This aggregates all of the contacts that have hit that point of the campaign and send you a spreadsheet at a given time.

If you were looking to do something more complex you could get into using plusthis and their ‘saved search to a Google sheet’ function, or a service like Zapier or Integromat that would allow you to do just about anything you want with the data.

Thank you for your quick reply Jeff. I am not sure where to find the fields to query. The survey is one simple question we email out to the customer and they choose one radio button answer (giving us a True as their choice and all other choices are False). The customers contact is tagged when with the chosen answer (True).
The comment box text can be exported out in a query, but I cant figure out how to query out the True statements.
I hope this makes sense.

If they are being tagged true, and you are looking for a list of those people, you can have the ‘true’ tag trigger a sequence. In that sequence you can set up a fulfillment list. That will give you a list of all people with the answer ‘true’

Does that make sense?

The theory makes sense, but I am unsure how to do it. Is there a “How To” in the Help Center? I looked, but had no luck.
Thank you again for your help. I have been wanting to learn Fulfillment, but did not have an application to test it with.

You could set it up one of two ways.

The way on the left would have the decision diamond based on the reply. If they mark ’true’, then it would flow into the ’true’ sequence.

The option on the right is tag based. If they ’true’ tag is applied, then the sequence runs.

Screen Shot 2021-08-20 at 7.22.04 AM.png

Inside the sequence, you could set up a delay that would wait until the end of the week, then run the fulfillment list (the fulfillment list has a ‘batch’ feature where you can say ’wait no longer than 1 day’, so with this configuration, triggering it on Thursday would provide the fulfillment list on Friday.
Screen Shot 2021-08-20 at 7.23.18 AM.png


Thank you for all your help Jeff.
I tried running a fulfillment campaign, but each fulfillment list wasn’t being labeled the “response”.
So, I started thinking outside the box. We subscribe to Graphly and was able to run reports and do some bar graphs based on the results. We definitely see the trends based on the answers given. We than are going to run a separate Query/report in Infusionsoft to see the comments given in the survey.
We think this will be a good solution for us. Hopefully soon I will be able to dig into Fulfillment more and see what I can do with it.
Thank you for all your help.

With the fulfillment list, you can control the subject line of the email (if you send via email instead of just showing on the dashboard) — but you can’t control the name of the file.
Not sure if that helps.